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Holistic Facials Bend Oregon

Nestled in the heart of Bend Oregon, Golden Hour Esthetics invites you to embrace a moment of tranquility and rejuvenation in your busy life. With clearer, healthier skin than ever before, you’ll find your golden hour has just arrived. 

Steal a moment of self-care

No longer Google “inclusive skin rejuvenation bend or”– you’ve found it. We serve men, women, boys, and girls, reflecting our belief that good skin transcends gender boundaries. Our founder Lurlyn's journey into the realm of beauty and skincare is fueled by a lifelong passion and now alive as a professional dedicated to enhancing the natural glow of every individual who walks through her doors. 

We know the power of simple, holistic skincare and the impact of a moment dedicated to only you.

Gender inclusivity is at the core of our practice

good skin has no gender

rediscover the joy of being in your skin

This is a place where you are invited to slow down and 

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You deserve to feel confident at the pool or on the court, free from the worry of back acne. We understand the impact clear skin can have on your confidence and daily life. We focus on targeted treatments that ensure you can enjoy moments of joy and freedom, feeling comfortable in your skin, wherever you are. 

Specialty Treatments for Athletes

Your skin, simplified. By focusing on a simple, effective routine and monthly facials, we empower you to take control of your skin without feeling overwhelmed. For all individuals, we’ll tell you exactly what your skin needs and leave no questions unanswered. 

Skin Consultations and Analysis

Skincare has no gender. And men should take care of their skin just as much as women and without judgment. Everyone deserves to feel good in their skin, breaking down the barriers that have historically made skincare a gendered issue. We treat your face (and back) with the love and care it deserves– no matter who you are. 

Facials & LGBTQ-Friendly Skincare for All Skin Types

Luminous Facials Bend Treatments

Make Your Skin Deliciously Smooth

Emily p.

“Wow! This is more than a facial, it’s an experience. Everything felt luxurious, from the sheets and towels to the products she uses - my skin feels dewy and soft and I have that super-relaxed floaty feeling. Lurlyn is skilled, conscientious and kind and Golden Hour’s space is lovely. I signed up for my next appointment and am thrilled to find an esthetician of this quality in Bend! Highly recommend!”

Glowing praise

Why clients love us

We know men’s skin matters just as much as anyone else’s. Get simple, quick treatments to rejuvenate your skin in a setting that doesn’t smother you with feminine energy.

Male friendly

Dry, angry, or irritated skin ends here. After a tailored approach to what your skin needs, we implement a treatment that will leave you with a velvet face.

Smooth skin

Our holistic approach to treatments ensures happy skin infused with juicy peptides, organic ingredients, and vegan serums your skin will love.

Quality skincare

We are LGBTQ-friendly and die-hard-inclusive. Our intentional atmosphere will make any lifestyle feel welcomed and relaxed.

Inclusive Atmosphere

We admittedly like to think of ourselves as the best spa in Bend Oregon. We teach you simple skin care techniques that fit your lifestyle and give you the most delicious skin you’ve ever had– and can almost promise you’ll walk away feeling better about your skin every single time. 

Why the heck choose us?

Xo, Lurlyn H

Meet the founder

Our philosophy is clear like our client's skin. Skincare has no gender or age because it’s a universal desire for humans to have clear, happy skin. And we want to get you glowing so you feel as radiant as you are. We are committed to a simplified approach that honors the body's natural rhythms and needs. Athletes, youth, men, women, and those with mature skin or acne-filled skin- all are welcome here at Golden Hour Esthetics. Every client is seen, heard, and cared for, with treatments tailored to YOUR individual needs, ensuring a skincare experience that is as unique and personal as yours.  

The Golden Philosophy

Turn Back Time

Get Velvet Skin 

Drench Your Skin 

Tuel skincare line

Our chosen skincare line, Tuel, uses “high concentrations of the most powerful plant extracts the planet has to offer—active botanicals and minerals rich in potent antioxidants and vitamins that feed your skin from the outside in.” We also use Wonder Valley, a gorgeous brand. When we meet, you can choose a product, then pick it up in the shop!

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When booking your first appointment with Golden Hour, you’ll receive 25% off any service during your first month. 

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