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As the heart and soul behind this haven, I welcome you with open arms and a promise to nurture your skin and spirit with the utmost care and expertise. 

Illuminating Beauty from Within

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AND, I know what it’s like to seek a deeper connection with yourself. That’s why I integrate intention-setting and mindful practices into our treatments (if that’s your thing), inviting you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Here, your skincare routine becomes a ritual of self-discovery and renewal. It’s really freakin’ cool. 

For the last 16 years, I’ve had a burning passion for beauty and skincare. Raising my three teenage babies, I decided it was time to put my passion into action. I saw how teenagers struggle to feel confident in their skin and I’m trying to change that. Not just for teens, but for everyone. Skincare doesn’t have a gender. It doesn’t have an age. It exists for us all. 

Skincare is a holistic journey, not just a series of treatments. Period. I go back to the roots of what creates and protects healthy skin, emphasizing simplicity, natural ingredients, and personalized care. This approach acknowledges the complexity of ‘all things skincare’ and the unique challenges you face– offering a path to clear, happy skin that is tailored to your life.

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Meet Lurlyn Hasselblad:

Did I mention I love tequila? 

Travel and quality time are my love languages

I hope to never fit in a box and always flow with what the universe wants to show me

I’m not sure who I’m more obsessed with: Fleetwood Mac and Post Malone 

Three English Bulldogs keep me entertained and properly snuggled

If I don’t get on Wheel of Fortune before I die, my life won’t be complete

I will always get down with food and tequila– always 

I travel a lot with my three teenagers supporting their passions

You’ll always catch me outdoors being an active member of my community

The Fun Stuff: 

At the heart of Golden Hour Esthetics is a deeply rooted empathy for clients’ life experiences and challenges with their skin. I believe in the power of feeling seen and truly understood, even in moments of silence during a facial. I aim to have my space be a skin sanctuary where I foster an intimate, nurturing environment so clients can feel loved, and respected. 

Looked after

Inclusivity isn’t a buzzword around here, we believe that skincare has no gender and that everyone deserves clear, happy skin. This commitment is evident in my approach to serving a diverse clientele, including youth, athletes, men, women, non-binary, and individuals across all gender identities, with skin rejuvenation Bend Oregon treatments and products designed to meet a wide range of needs and preferences. I want you to embrace yourself while feeling confident in your skin

Embracing self

Golden Hour Esthetics places a paramount value on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in the pursuit of beauty and health. I advocate for simple, effective routines and fostering overall well-being and happiness. All of us are humans, working to be better so we can be well. Your skin rejuvenation Bend Or service starts here. 


At my core, you’ll find these values screaming

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Dermaplaning Certificate

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Gua Sha Facial Massage Certificate Course | European Sculptural Facial Massage Certificate Course | Facial Cupping Massage Certificate Course | Facial Reflexology Massage Certificate Course

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